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Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life! Let Me Show You How...utilizing HYPNOSIS!
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40+ Years Experience Helping People Succeed!

Barry is an AAEH-certified hypnotist, with a Masters' degree in Psychology from the well-known New School for Social Research in New York City. 
His career began in 1973 when he was fortunate to meet and begin working closely with Harry Arons, a man world-famous in the field of hypnosis for more than 50 years.

As Barry said, "My biggest problem turned into my biggest opportunity, as it forced me to find a creative solution"..........."
utilizing hypnosis, I changed only the way I thought, yet I changed my whole life."

For over a decade, Barry worked directly with Arons at his Ethical Hypnosis Training Center in South Orange, NJ, which offered training exclusively to doctors, psychologists and hypnotherapists in the use of hypnosis to help their patients.

Barry has worked successfully in areas as diverse as stress management, eliminating fears & phobias, enhancing test-taking skills, building self-confidence, preventing insomnia, sports & tumbling success, reducing procrastination, improving focus & concentration, public speaking, sales skills, motivation for exercising & healthy eating, life coaching & much more!
Barry was awarded a grant from Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical in 1987 to produce his unique "Words To Live By" cassette, a stress-reduction recording that was then distributed by physicians during a nationwide Stress Management campaign in one quarter-million "Relaxation Kits." 

No one in NJ has the background, training or decades of experience that he does.....let him put his 40+ years of experience to work for you immediately.  He'll turn your intentions into actions & your dreams into reality!

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        Barry J. Zecca, M.A.

A word of caution:

Be realistic—common sense tells you that, no matter what anyone else says, you cannot change life-long habits, or reverse decades-long fears in a single, very expensive visit.  If things were that simple, you would have already done it yourself!


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